Pegasus Galaxy Moments

just a little time to freak out...

19 February
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This journal was created solely for my inner fan. I really want to work on my (currently limited) writing skills. I have some original fiction pieces lying around, but fanfics are pretty much what I consider "Writing Target Practice". Not to mention that SGA has finally brought my muse back from whatever rock it crawled under for the past two years or so.

Last but not least my journal title's total credit goes to the Stargate Atlantis novel "Reliquary" by Martha Wells. It's a great book that I rec to any SGA fans, especially if you love a good Shep whump. It also plays with the ATA gene plotlines that I would love the show to do but it stubbornly refuses to.
My Favorite Line?
"Ramirez managed to keep his face blank, but Audley looked like he was having one of those Pegasus Galaxy moments where you had to keep doing your job but what you really wanted was a little time to freak out. John could sympathize. He'd been having one for the past day and a half."
Not only do I love that line, but I've now adopted "I'm having a Pegasus Galaxy moment" for use in describing real life situations. Yes, I do get many raised eyebrows.