SGA fic - Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes by Alleonh [Family Challenge]~ SGA Flashfic
Title: Birthday Wishes
Rating: PG
Characters: John Sheppard
Spoilers/ Time Frame: Set season one, right before the events of "Before I Sleep". Could be considered a missing scene... but not really.
Word Count: 940
Disclaimer: Don't own it. Sorry.
Authors Note: I had another idea for the challenge, but then I saw "Before I Sleep" on tv the other day and this fic demanded to be written. I aim to please my plot bunnies... 

Author's notes on story following fic.

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SGA Fic - Green Thumb

Green Thumb ~ by Alleonh [Not Dead Yet Challenge] (@SGA Flashfic)

Title: Green Thumb
Author: Alleonh
Characters: Rodney (with brief John, Ronon, and Katie Brown) 
Pairings:  None
Rating:  PG to be safe (just a touch of language) 
Word Count: 2000 
Disclaimer:  Don't own it, sorry.

Setting/ Spoilers:  Sometime between the episodes "Tabula Rasa" and "Quarantine" No real spoilers for either. It helps  to have seen Tabula Rasa, but it's not really necessary.

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First entry, last entry.

Hi there! Welcome to my little neglected slice of Live Journal =^_^=

Unfortunately, I don't think there will ever be much more than this one entry here (and maybe copies of fics if I get around to it) . I have a phobia of "blogging" that goes back to childhood when I had a little diary with the little false key and trick latch on it. I'm sure it's laying around here somewhere, or out in the storage house, or in the attic; it's pages woefully empty. I just don't like keeping journals I guess. Blame laziness, or blame my inability to accurately convey thoughts to paper (or web page) . Probably a mix of both,  but your bet is better off with laziness ^_~