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Squee place holder....

Just finished watching The Daedalus Variations. I really need to watch it again to catch all the wonderful details, but here's a mini reaction.

Awww, dead team....all lying together..... *sniff*
(ahhh, the fanfic ideas runneth over....)

The new aliens look.... well, Alien. A little StarTrekky to me, but I'm eager to find out what they are all about.

Oookay, so now Teyla suddenly has a degree in Daedalus tech? It seemed a bit unlikely that she had time to learn about all the systems what with the baby and all, but I see how it was a useful plot device seeing as it was four people on one large ship. At least they did have some things she didn't know, that softened the blow...and somethings she knew better than Rodney, which was just funny.

Now what was much more believable...and a hilariously bit of insane squee indulgence was Ronon beating the crap out of the weapons console a la Chewbacca! "Hey, the buttons are your friends!!"

*cue giggle fit that draws many strange looks*

John and Alt!John were just plain funny. Hey, no one else will praise him so he might as well stroke his own ego!! We've all known that you are a man of integrity and a hell of a pilot for a long time John, so don't you worry your pretty head about it =^___^=

I was hoping we might would see Rod's alternate reality with his Mensa!John playing the cute pointy eared genius and saving the day, but instead we got gray aliens with really bad teeth. Not exactly a fair trade, but oh well...I'll take Chewie!Ronon and call it a draw.

I still enjoyed the episode, and will definitely expand on this after I can watch it again, but these are my initial reactions. ^_^
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