Alleonh (alleonh) wrote,

Stargate Atlantis 5.02 "The Seed"

So, in genuine Atlantis fashion, Woolsey is welcomed to the city with an immediate crisis situation. Trial by fire seems to be the going Final Exam for anyone crossing the event horizon into Pegasus.

I'll be honest, I didn't watch the later eps of SG-1, so I didn't see Woolsey when he was more of a regular to the cast. And I most definitely don't remember the hand full of episodes from the earlier seasons that he guest starred in. Also, I never watched the Star Trek that he was a part of. So, I don't approach him with any nostalgic liking at all. In fact, I mostly see him as an intruder. Of course, I saw Carter the same way until I read an outstanding fanfic with her in command of Atlantis. (Exhuming McCarthy for anyone who is interested)

I don't know. It's going to get old if Woolsey is going to simply be the one who is constantly at odds with the decisions made by the leads. Playing devil's advocate has it's place, but I don't want to see that at EVERY SINGLE decision that must be made. There was a bit of headway at the end where he's talking to Sheppard. lol, and on that note, I wonder if they will continue with the famous tag balcony scenes now that it will be Sheppard and Woolsey. Something about that just seems a little off. O.o

but, back to the episode. It was pretty good. I think my biggest bit of reality suspension came from Keller being the only one who showed symptoms. It seems like Carter and some of the other engineers would have shown it too. She definitely was never seen nosing around any broken vials or test tubes, so where'd she pick it up at? eh.

So, in all essence, a Hive ship was growing from her? Is that where they come from? Can we now follow that logic and say that all Hive Ships are grown from a live person/wraith/whatever's handy? And are all other Hive Ships sentient? It's one thing to blow up metal and conduit, but quite another to say you are destroying a living creature that was a victim to whatever plant/virus/polypeptide that was.... Maybe I missed something...

wow, I didn't realize I had so many questions about the episode lol. Last one I swear! What actually happened to Sheppard at the end there? Did the plant actually stab him? Or did it just sucker punch him hard enough to reawaken old ouchies from Search and Rescue?

oookay, negatives aside!

Carson!!!  I love him being back. I just hope that as he comes back in more episodes he's more like his "old self". The last few eppies he's been in, he's been very subdued, and understandable so. I just miss my old Carson and his adorable "I think I feel something...could be lunch related" XD

Ack before I forget, one more negative I'm afraid...

Why oh why did they give Michael a way out???? *beats head on desk*

He's been around for four seasons!! It's time to move on to something else!!! (I really *really* don't like him....)

Well, that's enough rambling for now... though I think I could come up with more (Kanaan anyone? TPTB, kill him off or make him important already! Because right now he's just the guy who knocked Teyla up out of the blue and then turned buggy.....) This episode for me just opened up a lot of questions for the season, guess I'll have to wait patiently to see what unfolds.

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