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Stargate Atlantis 5.01 "Search and Rescue"

This is reposted because... I deleted the original by accident ^.^;

Sooo, my thoughts on the episode. I liked it! Of course, I think at this point they could do everything short of shaving John's head (*doesn't even want to think about that*) and I would still love it. But this episode was one of those I genuinely loved.

first of all, John and Ronon trapped under the building was a squee filled aww moment for me. Of course Ronon wouldn't leave John! And I am dying over the line "Shoot till we can't shoot anymore" X3...which I promptly stuck on an icon. Also Ronon's classic "Great, deal" Aw Ronon! How you are awesome! And I can't forget "I'm the guy y'know? Like...the *GUY*" That was such a great line! Executed perfectly with a little head shake/eye roll that was just subtly perfect! (as always ^_~)

yeah, I liked a few lines...

The infirmary scene with Keller afterwards was wonderful. The subtle nod to the "No one left behind" philosophy of John Sheppard was great, although I still can't see Keller letting him go, even after that. I'm thinking he waited until they were distracted and ran like hell (my one small problem in an otherwise perfect episode)

Midwife!Rodney. Need I say more? XD

And last but not least. Michael's gone!!! I'm resisting the urge to break into "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead". Of course, there are a million ways they could bring him back later.... but that was a pretty decisive ass kicking at the hands of the Daedalus, so it would be tough. I am sorry, I just never liked his character, and I never liked his story arc.

I am happy Stargate Atlantis is back, and I can't wait to see where this season takes us. I have my reservations about some things (Woolsey coming on board, the cast getting a little too large equalling less time for lead character development) but I have high hopes for many aww filled team moments involving "Little John". ^_^

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